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Online Course & Workbook

This is the perfect addition to your My Vision Book purchase. If you looked at the book and went “WOW so much to think about”, Bree has created a workbook and an online course to support those that want to go next level. The Visioneer online course has 45 short video modules that partner with our thought provoking 92 page workbook. This process will help you work through some of the ‘non positive’ parts of you and your life that you want to work on, allowing you to achieve deeper clarity to transfer into your Vision Book.

The My Vision Book process is a really great resource to put all of your positivity into. This course was created for those who want to dive deeper. Often when we are thinking about the things we want, the things we don’t want and negative thoughts come into our minds. Or we simply cannot get clarity and find ourselves feeling overwhelmed and confused about what answer we truly want to put into our Vision Book. 

The Visioneer Online Course and Workbook is your go-to guide to answering some of the more in-depth and thought-provoking questions featured in your My Vision Book. This course will help you dive a lot deeper into the questions and help you work out your answers which you will then transfer into your Vision Book. The workbook is the place to write all your negative realisations, and a place to work out your truth. Then you transfer the positive answers into your beautiful, positive, manifesting My Vision Book. 

My Vision Book Online Course – Only: $395.00

What you get

  • 45 x videos modules that dive a little deeper on every topic in your Vision Book
  • 1 x 92 page digital workbook to work through at your own pace

Please allow 24hrs for the order to be processed.

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