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It’s Time For A Deep
Conversation With Yourself

This is the first book in the series, and ideally, where you best start. When we are in alignment with ourselves, and we gain personal clarity, the other parts of life will flow from that strong centre. 

This book is for anyone at any stage of life that wants a beautiful place to put their musings, aspirations, and achievements.

My Vision Book will help you:

  • Establish your priorities
  • Gain clarity on your life path and direction
  • Identify your core values
  • Establish your financial goals
  • Determine your important relationships
  • Plan your retirement
  • Illustrate your dream assets
  • Discover your bucket list
  • Plan your dream holidays
  • Set routines and rituals
  • Describe your dream house
All displayed in your very own printed book to admire,
manifest & leave as a legacy.

Free your vision from your mind and put pen to paper. You’ll get the clarity you need to achieve what really matters to you. This book covers every aspect of your personal life, and once you finish the book, you will feel a connection to yourself like never before.

Sample Book

My Vision Book™ will change your life.

Congratulations on taking the brave leap into documenting the real vision you have for your life!

My Vision Book

Size A4, 144 pages of questions and vision boards printed on 90gsm paper.

Subtotal: $39.95 each

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If you buy the book direct from us, the book cover has a beautiful gold foiling.  DESIGN SPECS | 90GSM paper | 148 pages