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Recharging Your Energy is the
Key to Changing Your Life

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Energy awareness is the first step to achieving health and balance. 

The Energy Club is a space for those who want to learn ways to better manage their energy, within a community of like minded people. 

Energy is everything. Your energy is an integral part of who you are and it influences how you perceive and live in the world.
We all have times when our energy is palpable, and its effects are undeniable. 

Energy is everything.

Did you know that humans are 99.999% energy and only 0.0001% matter?

This means that our physical, mental, emotional, and social wellness is important for our physical body, but our energy and spiritual health is vital to our wellbeing more than we give it credit for.  The majority of us focus most of our attention on our physical and mental health, and very little on our energetic health, and then wonder why we still feel exhausted. 

The times we are living in right now are energetically impacting many of us, and that is why you will see more people stepping into trying new ways to gain more spiritual connection and improve their energy. This is why this club was created, so you don’t need to feel alone when exploring this part of your life.

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When you have low energy, it can affect your life in many ways:

You may find it difficult to be vibrant 

You may feel sensitive to other people’s energy towards you, or yours towards theirs

You may feel overwhelmed, confused, or have trouble making decisions

Your life may feel empty, depleted, or feel like you’re missing something. 

When your energies are strong and healthy, your life improves dramatically and you have energy to spare and share.
When your energy is intune, your relationships become fun and joyful. Your love flows. Your mind is clear and decisive. Your sense of self relaxes and your creativity flows with new ideas. Life becomes exciting and meaningful.

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Who is the energy club for?

The Energy Club is for people who want to  manage their energy effectively. Whether you are new to the world of spirituality and energy work, or you have been on this journey for a long time, this club is for people with a desire to improve and maintain their energetic health, and have support and guidance for those times when your energy is low.

If You Want To...

  • Be aware of the energy surrounding you. Whether that be people, situations or your environment-these can affect your energy in the moment.
  • Use energy management skills to change your energy state quickly as needed.
  • Identify imbalances in your life and use methods to resolve them.
  • Protect yourself energetically from outside influences.
  • Perform self-care to keep your energy strong and clear

Then you are in the right place. Keep reading.

Why sign up to the energy club?

The Energy Club is a fun and transformative gathering of like minded people that utilises the synergy of the group to improve each other’s state. Whether that be through Sound Therapy and Sound Bath sessions, mastermind discussions, live clearing and energy sessions, learning other modalities as a study group, or sharing things you need help with, The Energy Club is a place to connect, contribute and grow.

Our processes tap into the collective energy of our participants and we pinpoint any energy blocks or emotional kinks that need to be released. This effect is called “Borrowed Benefits” –this means that if someone in the group is clearing something that is similar to your situation, the intelligence of your energy picks up on that cue so it can also clear whatever that issue is for you too. 

Membership-what do you get?

The sessions are done online, however there will be some face to face opportunities for those who can make that happen.

Self Care Sessions

Monthly Self Care Sessions on Zoom where we do self care in abundance. Think pampering, chats, learnings, and emotional and energetic clears, and homeplay ideas to implement into your life.

Sound Therapy Sessions

Monthly Full moon or New Moon Sound Therapy sessions (sometimes we do both) if you are in Cairns, you can attend live, otherwise these online sound sessions enable deep relaxation where you are bathed in sound. This process massages every cell in your body & melts away energetic blockages. 

Private Group

Private group to share learnings, ask for support, and connect with other like minded people. It’s important to have a great tribe around you to help you re-calibrate when your energy is not at its most optimum. 

Energy Sessions

Weekly Energy sessions to keep you focused on self care and energy, helping you dedicate regular time to taking care of your energy every week. If you can’t make it live, the replay will be sent to you to embody at a time that suits you.

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I had a distance healing session with Bree when I was really run down recently. She accurately read into my energy field and intuitively discovered my open and defined chakra centres and the emotions that were blocking me at the time. I felt a noticeable difference during and after the session.

Kylie . RFounder SuperCoach Academy

I attended an Energy Club Sound Bath and it was such a relaxing experience. I had never had a sound bath before so I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I was certainly in safe hands with Bree - the deep overlapping vibrations were so calming and soothing.

Clare . W

I received a Body Balance session with Bree where she used Kinesiology and Reiki to help Unblock my energy system. I had previously been suffering from low energy and was very unwell for as long as 10 months. I had tried everything to improve it. After my session with Bree I was amazed by how much the blockages had been holding me back both energetically and mentally. I am now healthier, happier and most importantly full of energy. Thank you Bree.

Monique . S

I attended an Energy Club Sound Bath and it was such a relaxing experience. I had never had a sound bath before so I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I was certainly in safe hands with Bree - the deep overlapping vibrations were so calming and soothing.

Clare . W

Join Bree James' Energy Club

By joining the Energy Club, you will be making a commitment to yourself.

No longer will you say “I really need to make time for myself”, because you will be, and I will be with you every week to ensure that you do.

Many of us want to make regular time to improve ourselves, but we don’t stick to it. That’s why I created this club- so that there is a community of like minded people to hold you accountable.

I call myself an Energist, I am like a personal trainer for your energy. I will guide you to learn ways to maximise your energy, so that you will feel your best.

To recap, for $25 per week, you will receive:

  • A weekly group session to improve your energy
  • A monthly Sound Healing Session (sometimes two a month!) to recharge your energy
  • A monthly Self Care Session, we do some energy & emotional clears, and other fun stuff.

The Energy Club Kicks off on the 17th of January.

By joining The Energy Club you will be investing in regular time to recharge your energy.

I cannot wait to support you in learning ways to improve your energy.

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Investment is $25 per week, paid one month in advance. There is a 4-week cancelation policy and you can cancel any time. When you cancel, payments will cease and your 4 weeks in advance payment will then pay the remaining 4 weeks left of your membership.
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