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It’s Time To Dream Big

Imagine if we created a clearer vision of what we want from out life in our earlier years? The My Vision Book for Youth has been created to help our youth explore who they are, and some of the guiding principles, experiences, and  aspirations they have for their future. 

The ages of 10-25 is a challenging time for our young people discovering who they are, and what they truly want in their life. Sure, they may not have all the answers, but we can’t answer questions or think about them if no one asks us. 

This book is for those that want a beautiful place to solidify their thoughts, feelings, goals, and dreams for their future. This system they can do on their own, or for a really beautiful bonding experience, parents can guide them through the process so that you can help them achieve and create their goals. 

My Vision Book For Youth will help you:

  • Identify your core values 
  • Clarify who you truly want to be
  • Identify how you’d like to be perceived
  • Establish your financial goals & savings habits to achieve your goals
  • Determine your valuable  relationships & friendships 
  • Set routines and  rituals  to enhance your life
  • Describe your dream holidays & experiences 
  • Bucket list of things you want to experience. 
  • Establish what sort of person you want to be
  • Set boundaries around what really matters 
  • Explore how you will handle the tough times 
  • Identify boundaries & expectations around technology, health, religion, schooling and more
  • And so much more.
All displayed in your very own printed book to admire, manifest & leave as a legacy.

This tool will help your young adult build a vision for the future from their own  mind and put pen to paper. Sure, they may not have all the answers, but they will get clarity over time. This laser focus will ensure they at least think about what they seek so that they achieve what they want from life, and not waste it. This book covers every aspect of their journey into adulthood and once they finish the book, you will both feel clarity around their life vision, and have standards and personal values to live to like never before. 

My Vision Book™ will change your life.

My Vision Book For Youth

Size A4, printed.

Subtotal: $39.95 each

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