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It’s Time For A Deep Conversation About Parenting

Parenting is one of the most important roles on the planet, but 99% of us go into it without much of a thought on some really important topics. We wing it, and wonder why we have so many times when we are not on the same page with our parenting partner. The My Parenting Vision Book is about getting 100% on the same page and being in absolute agreeance with all of the tough topics, and all of the plans for the future too. If every couple did this before they had a child it would save so much sanity. If you already have your child or children, never fear-this process will help you take your parenting to the next level. 

If you are seeking alignment with your children and your parenting partner, this book dives deep into everything you really need to be on the same page about.

This book is for smart parents that want a beautiful place to solidify their thoughts, feelings, goals, and dreams for their family. This system will get you on the same page about finances, raising children and pets, life goals, experiences, how you handle the tough times, and so much more.

My Parenting Vision Book will help you:

  • Establish what sort of parents you want to be
  • Set boundaries around what really matters to you both as parents
  • Gain clarity of your life path together as a family 
  • Identify your core values as a family
  • Set financial goals and expectations around finances & superannuation 
  • Determine your love language
  • Set rituals & habits to enhance your family life
  • List the experiences you want to share together as a family 
  • Describe your dream assets & home
  • Explore how you will handle the tough times 
  • Identify boundaries & expectations around technology, health, religion, schooling and more
  • Agree to how you will deal with challenging behaviours 
  • Share the mental load
  • And much much more.
All displayed in your very own printed book to admire, manifest & leave as a legacy.

Free your parenting vision from your mind and put pen to paper. You’ll get the clarity you need to achieve what really matters to you as a parent, and as a family. This book covers every aspect of your journey as a parent, and once you finish the book, you will feel clarity around your parenting, be able to work towards parenting on the same page, and have standards and family values to live to like never before. 

My Parenting Vision Book will change your life.

Congratulations on taking the brave leap into documenting the real vision you have for your parenting!

My Parenting Vision Book

Size A4, printed.

Subtotal: $39.95 each

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